The Real End-to-End Blockchain Application IDE

One single cloud-based development platform covers the development of all layers (UI/UX, API/ABI, Smart Contract, Connection to Blockchain Protocols) for a Blockchain Application.

Powerful Features
Ultimate Add-ons upon a traditional IDE
  • 100% Cloud-based

  • Open Adaptors to multiple Blockchain Protocols

  • Traditional & Blockchain Applications Development

  • Full Code & No Code Development

  • Instant Application Visualisation

  • Built-in Cryptos Wallet

Extend your development possibilities with IJSBox !

Start Creating
How to Create a Blockchain Application
5 easy steps to create a Blockchain Application with IJSBox:
  1. Sign Up for a free IJSBox Account, access to one free project creation
  2. Edit the project instruction with “Info” tab on the Coding Pane.
  3. Edit the DApp front end and the interaction with the smart contract using “HTML” tab “CSS/LESS” tab and “JS” tab on the Coding Pane. The result and effect of the code can be view instantly on the Preview Pane.
  4. Edit smart contract of the DApp with “Smart Contract” tab in “Solidity”, “EOS”, or “Stellar depending on the blockchain protocol. If the compilation is successful, the “ByteCode” and “Application Binary Interface” will be received.
  5. Deploy the smart contract onto the specific network, the Built-in Wallet will be drawn to reward the miner. The DApp can interact with the deployed smart contract successfully by the contract address.

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